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Shall we prepare Korean food together? 

Shall we prepare Korean food together? 

The Korean Culture and Education Association in Belgium, which operates the King Sejong Institute Brussels, is introducing a new programme to help familiarize Korean food, in cooperation with the Korean Food Promotion Institution.

The programme provides a variety of Korean meal kits which will explore new tastes by preparing and sharing food with a Korean culinary expert. How about taking part in this initiative with a meal you can enjoy at home? You will not only discover a new culture, but also adopt a healthy diet.

Korea is a peninsula surrounded by seas on its three sides and almost three quarters of the country is mountainous, with four very distinct seasons. With its 5,000 years of history, Koreans have developed a unique, delicious and healthy food culture with a variety of ingredients. Kimchi is well known internationally, like Belgian cheese and beer, its ingredients and taste vary by regions.

Korean food is recognized for its rice, vegetables, the fermentation and its diet, which cures disease through food. It is also known for its therapeutic characteristics. The concept of health, harmony and healing is always accompanied by Korean food philosophy.

Now, refrigerators especially made for Kimchi are in every household to add scientifically to the culture of storing fermented foods. Everyone can enjoy long-time foods rich in fresh ingredients and enzymes. They also enjoy eating rice with vegetables, soups, rolled, mixed or in wraps. Compare with OECD member countries, thanks to their dietary culture, Koreans have a very low rate of obesity and geriatric diseases.

The project is to make dishes as Kimchi fried rice, Kimchi pancake, Gimbap, Bulgogi, Soybean paste stew, Songpyeon (Korean rice cake), and three coloured vegetables using various meal kits sent directly from Korea, to enjoy ingredients and the food tradition.

Commemorative plaque of King Sejong Institute Brussels – Source KOCEABE asbl

The Korean Culture and Education Association in Belgium is a non-profit organization and implements this project.

It has been recognized by the Korean government as the King Sejong Institute Brussels, an institution for disseminating Korean language and culture and it organizes Korean language and culture classes with the Commune of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, EPFC and the CLL Language Center.

Kim Hee-jin, the director of the King Sejong Institute Brussels, said that she wants the institute to serve as a bridge between the two countries by embracing multiculturalism and to bring together Belgians with a special relationship with Korea. Also to introduce the culture of Belgium to Korea.

Many more people are enrolled in language and culture classes attracted by the popularity of the Korean K-Pop “BTS”, K-Drama “Squid game” and the movie “Parasite.” King Sejong Institute Brussels is answering this trend by organizing Korean language classes of various subjects as well as other programs of art and culture.

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