Relatively low risk of winter electricity shortages in Belgium

Relatively low risk of winter electricity shortages in Belgium
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Under normal weather conditions, European electricity network managers do not foresee an electricity shortage in Europe this winter.

In Belgium, the risk is estimated to be ‘rather low’, according to the annual Winter Outlook report by Entso-E – the association of European high-voltage network operators, Belga News Agency reports.

Entso-E notes that the Belgian electricity market will be characterised by the high availability of nuclear power and thermal units this winter. The outlook also indicates that no disruptions of cross-border elements are expected. In addition, high electricity prices could encourage various industries to use less energy.

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As the Belgian electricity market is closely linked to the French market, there may be an impact if problems occur there. This would happen in early 2022 as France presents a higher risk in January and February when temperatures can be very cold in some regions.

Elsewhere in Europe, high electricity and natural gas prices could also lead to lower consumption and thus less pressure on high voltage networks. France and Ireland, with their antiquated power plants, are most at risk of power shortages.

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