Reports: No early closure for bars, ban on indoor events

Reports: No early closure for bars, ban on indoor events
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Despite the advice given by the GEMS expert group, Belgium's Consultative Committee may have decided not to impose an earlier closing hour on the hospitality industry, according to reports in local media.

The rules for the hospitality industry will reportedly not be changed, with the closing hour said to remain at 11:00 PM and groups of six still allowed to share a table, reports Het Nieuwsblad, citing confirmation from several sources.

Additionally, indoor events with more than 200 people will reportedly be banned but cinemas and theatres could stay open, subject to a capacity limit, according to reports by VRT and Het Laatste Nieuws.

However, it is not yet clear when this measure would take effect and how long it would remain in place.

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An agreement on a possible "cooling-off period" for schools has reportedly not been reached yet and seems to be a divisive issue as the Regional Governments would be strongly opposed to such a temporary closure, according to reports in Flemish media.

However, the Consultative Committee is currently ongoing, and these reports remain unconfirmed until/unless they are announced by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo at a press conference later today.

Update: The press conference to announce the latest decision will start from 2:45 PM.

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