Belgium in Brief: New Traditions

Belgium in Brief: New Traditions
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Nope. Not talking about Covid, not again. If you want the roundup of what changed today click here.

Today we're talking traditions (and not the worrying tradition of increasing covid restrictions around the end of the year).

Belgium is a melting pot of a country, people coming from all over and integrating into various new traditions. Sinterklaas arrived today to give Belgian kids their presents, did he leave you anything?

No? Me neither.

That's the funny thing about traditions, someone in the house has to keep them up. This becomes doubly important if you're trying to carry something on but you're no longer in your home country.

For me, it's Burns Night. An excuse to eat haggis, drink a little whisky and try and remember poems that my grandparents knew by heart. It's delightful.

So, what do you bring to the table?

Let @johnstonjules know. 

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1. These new Covid-19 measures come into force today

For the third time in as many weeks, the Consultative Committee introduced new measures in response to a worsening coronavirus situation in Belgium. Here they are.

2. Brussels taxi drivers feel like ‘hostages of political game’

Credit: Belga

The Uber ride-hailing app has been shut down in Brussels for a week now, and some of the 2,000 drivers who earn money through the platform say they feel like hostages in a political game between the regional government and multinationals. Read more.

3. Flanders launches plan to combat alarming teacher shortages

The Flemish government has announced a package of measures to address the teacher shortages in the region. These include better pay for staff who work longer hours and allowing people moving from the private sector to education to transfer their seniority. Read more.

4. National strike action disrupts public transport networks on Monday

Public transport services operated by De Lijn and STIB are expected to be disrupted by a national day of action by trade unions on Monday 6 December. Read more.

5. Police bring out water cannon against corona protesters

Police have brought water cannons and tear gas to counter demonstrators in Brussels on Sunday afternoon who are protesting against covid measures. Read more.

6. Combined Covid-19 and flu test with results in 30 minutes to be launched

Swiss multinational healthcare company Roche has announced that it will be launching a new rapid antigen test capable of telling whether someone is infected with Covid-19 or flu, which can have very similar symptoms. Read more.

7. Rising opposition to coronavirus health measures sparks fears of extremism

Resistance to health measures related to the Coronavirus has been rising in recent months, leading to increased polarization, extremism and threats, according to Belgium’s Threat Assessment Coordination Body (OCAM). Here's more.

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