Belgian snack bar closed after manager infected with Covid continued to work

Belgian snack bar closed after manager infected with Covid continued to work
The establishment in Opwijk. Credit: Belga

A snack bar in the Flemish Brabant town of Opwijk has been closed by the mayor after it was revealed that the manager continued to work after testing positive with the coronavirus.

The kebab shop was closed with immediate effect on Saturday evening by mayor Inez De Coninck, who said that the manager was continuing to serve clients despite being infected with the virus was “unimaginable.”

“We have been living in a pandemic for two years and there are still citizens who do not respect the rules. This is a slap in the face for those who respect the measures – especially the schools which are doing their best to continue working during this difficult period,” she told Belga News Agency.

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The manager’s family members – who also work in the snack bar and are considered high-risk contacts – should also have been tested but have not yet. They have now been asked to get tested.

The snack bar will remain closed at least until Monday evening, but if the family members refuse to be tested, the closure may be extended.

Furthermore, the public prosecutor has been informed, meaning the manager could also be fined for non-compliance with health measures.

The issue was brought to light when the kebab shop owner was injured while cutting meat and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. Upon arrival, the medical staff noticed that the man had tested positive for coronavirus a few days earlier but had failed to self–isolate.

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