What’s open during the New Year holidays?

What’s open during the New Year holidays?
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Shops are adjusting their hours for the upcoming New Years holiday, including several popular chain grocers.

While only the first of January is considered an official holiday in Belgium, many stores and services have adjusted their hours to give employees time to celebrate New Year’s Eve, reports Le Soir.


The Colruyt stores, including the brand’s Okay shops, will be closed on 1 January. They will be open from 08:00 to 20:00 on Thursday 30 December and from 08:00 to 18:00 on Friday 31 December. The same applies to the Makro hypermarkets.

Most Delhaize shops will be closed on January 1st and will close earlier than their usual time on Friday December 31, but several Delhaize ADs will remain open on January 1.

Various convenience stores may remain open, depending on the choices made by their independent shop owners.


Pharmacies will remain closed on New Year’s Day, but for urgent needs for medication, people can contact the pharmacist-on-duty in their municipality.

Post offices will be closed on the following dates: 31/12 (afternoon only) and 01/01. Letters and parcels will not be delivered on 1 January, but will be on 31 December.

Banks close on 1 January. On 31 December, they will be open on reduced hours.

Local and federal government offices will also close 1 January.

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