New protest march against coronavirus measures in Brussels today

New protest march against coronavirus measures in Brussels today
Scenes of chaos unfolded as protests turned violent in November. Credit: Belga

The organisation 'Samen voor Vrijheid' ("Together for Freedom") will hold another protest march against the coronavirus measures on Sunday afternoon in Brussels.

The manifestation groups together several organisations, such as Viruswaanzin (Virus Madness), Fight for Freedom, The Human Side, Belgians for Freedom and dozens of others.

"Anyone who senses that something is not right" is called on to join the march, which starts at 13:00 at the Brussels North train station and will be "a peaceful gathering," the organisation stated in a press release.

"We are organising a large manifestation for constitutional freedoms and human rights. Under the name 'Together for Freedom,' we denounce freedom-restricting measures that for one and a half years have not been a structural solution for healthcare and are no longer justifiable," the press release added.

At the organisation's previous demonstration on 21 November, some 35,000 people showed up. After the march was over, heavy riots broke out. How many people will show up this time, remains to be seen. On the event's Facebook page, just under 800 people indicated they would take part, and some 700 were interested.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly and to prevent possible riots, the organisation is working closely with the police services to ensure a safe march.

The Brussels police will provide personnel to frame the demonstration, a spokesperson told VRT.

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