Hidden Belgium: Tiny art on Brussels walls

Hidden Belgium: Tiny art on Brussels walls
Credit: Fandax Collective

The street artists of the Fandax Collective have brought a touch of humour to Brussels streets by highlighting odd marks on the walls with tiny picture frames. They then add a title that corresponds to the random shape they have framed.

The collective has been active since 2018 when they attached a few frames to the Prime Minister’s official residence. But the illegal art was quickly removed, leaving just a ghostly outline on the wall.

The artists also created a miniature gallery on the Mont des Arts where the cheeky little works had titles like “Warthog Running Happily” and “Duck Staring at the Stars.” But most of them have gone.

Their latest project placed frames on the walls of the INSAS drama school in Ixelles. Head down there to admire some very weird street art on the peeling building walls including “Ghost with Bow and Arrow” and “Young Shark.”

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