Majority of people in Belgium passionate about their job

Majority of people in Belgium passionate about their job
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A large number of people living in Belgium are passionate about their jobs, according to recent research, more so than workers in neighbouring countries. Only Dutch people are more positive about their careers.

Around two-thirds (63%) of people living in Belgium feel passionate about their job on a weekly basis, international research by HR service provider SD Worx showed. Seven in ten people feel their jobs are meaningful and useful every week, while more than one-fifth of employees indicated they felt this way on a daily basis.

"Employers should certainly not look away from the mental impact of the job on employees. In the current circumstances, the wellbeing of employees has become a priority that requires extra attention," Cathy Geerts, Chief Human Resources Officer at SD Worx, said.

In Belgium, this job satisfaction can be explained, among other things, by the bond that employees have with their job, their work environment and the organisation itself. In light of the pandemic, the fact that employers are "paying more and more attention to employee involvement, with a view to inclusion, diversity and equality," also plays a big role.

Dutch employees slightly more content

The study questioned some 5,000 employees working in Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom about how they feel at work, whether they experience their job as meaningful and are proud of the work they produce, among others.

Overall, workers in the Netherlands were the most positive about their careers, as 77.3% of employees said they took pride in their job every week. This was followed by Belgium, where seven in ten people felt this way. In France, Germany and the UK, fewer employees indicated they felt this way.

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Meanwhile, two-thirds of employees in Belgium indicated they have fun at work every week. "Having a good time at work is obviously not just about having great colleagues," Geerts said. "Having a job that gives meaning to your life and makes you proud are at least as important factors."

All work and no play

SD Worx' Geerts stressed that the coronavirus crisis and the switch to teleworking had its benefits - employees who are used to commuting for their job may waste less time in traffic jams - there are also downsides, that are reflected in the survey results as well.

"The fun and light-hearted moments at the office are also lost. The social environment plays a major role in how employees cope and do their jobs."

Belgium scores slightly below average when it comes to employees' energy levels at work. Just 55% say they feel energetic at least once a week, while as little as 8% indicated this is the case every day.

In comparison with employees in neighbouring countries, Belgium also ranks poorly when it comes to the mental and physical strain work has on people.

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