Animal abuse: 83 complaints in Brussels last year

Animal abuse: 83 complaints in Brussels last year
Credit: Bia Mori

Brussels Environment received 83 complaints about animal abuse in the Brussels region in 2021, and dozens of animals were confiscated.

All complaints were effectively dealt with, Belga News Agency reports.

During 28 seizures, a total of 45 animals were taken away: 35 dogs and five cats, but also three frogs, an iguana and a boa. The confiscated animals are usually temporarily entrusted to a shelter, pending a decision on their destination.

“Reporting animal abuse is an important act,” said Brussels Minister of Animal Welfare Bernard Clerfayt (DéFI). “Complaints make it possible to identify problematic situations for the animals and sometimes also for the owner.”

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Reasons for confiscating an animal

There are several reasons why an animal may be seized, for example malnutrition, untreated diseases or a lack of hygiene.

“The inspectors of Brussels Environment do not shy away from efforts to remedy these situations and issue warnings, draw up official reports and, if necessary, proceed to seizures,” Clerfayt said.

Anyone found guilty of mistreating animals risks fines of up to €100,000, a possible prison sentence and a ban on keeping animals.

In Flanders, penalties for animal cruelty are increasing.

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