‘Too strict’: Walloon greens concerned about proposed coronavirus barometer

‘Too strict’: Walloon greens concerned about proposed coronavirus barometer
Credit: Belga/Olivier Hoslet

The proposed coronavirus “barometer” that is up for discussion at this afternoon’s Consultative Committee has been branded “too strict” by the Walloon green Ecolo party, said co-president Jean-Marc Nollet.

The Committee is looking into the possible introduction of the much-discussed coronavirus barometer, a colour-coded tool supposed to give a clear picture of the measures depending on the epidemiological situation.

“On a number of points [the criticism from the culture sector] is right. What is being proposed currently, we cannot accept,” said Nollet on RTBF radio on Friday morning, adding that it is “too strict” and “unsatisfactory.” He also intimated that it is not only the Ecolo party that takes this view.

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In the meantime, Deputy Prime Minister for the Flemish Christian democrat CD&V party Vincent Van Peteghem told VRT that he hopes a decision on the barometer will be made today. “It is important that it comes about. We are going to decide the exact details in the Consultative Committee.”

The Consultative Committee will meet from 13:00 and will announce its decisions in a press conference afterwards, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Alexander De Croo told The Brussels Times.

An overview of all topics that are expected to be discussed today can be found here.

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