Hidden Belgium: A hike along the waterfall trail

Hidden Belgium: A hike along the waterfall trail

A hiking trail runs up from the Moulin de Bayehon to the second highest waterfall in Belgium. It’s a romantic spot for a picnic, although the waterfall itself is not particularly spectacular.

From here, you can follow the rust-brown stream further up the wooded valley, past a historic oak tree, until the path emerges on the boggy Hautes Fagnes.

This is a strangely deserted spot where you can sometimes spot deer in the distance. The trail back to the Moulin runs through the dramatic canyon of the Pouhon stream.

The old watermill Moulin de Bayehon was converted into a rustic brasserie in 2016. It might be open. It might not. If you are lucky, you can squeeze inside with all the other hikers who come here for a bowl of goulash soup and a glass of Paix Dieu or Malmedy Alt or something even more rare from the list of 80 Belgian beers.

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