Belgium in Brief: Raise your glass to an extra hour

Belgium in Brief: Raise your glass to an extra hour

Last Friday Belgium announced its coronavirus barometer – intended as a clear way to indicate what measures will be taken according to the state of the virus. In case you missed it, things aren’t currently going so well on the Covid front in Belgium so it came as little surprise to hear that we would be starting off in code red.

However, with only three gradations – yellow, orange, red – of severity, there is in reality a fair bit of wiggle room within each colour code for regulations to be adjusted. Which is exactly what is happening today as rules for venues, events, and organised activities (to name but a few) are tweaked, in some cases allowing for larger activities to take place. Unfortunately, the changes weren’t enough to see Belgium’s renowned Binche Carnival go ahead. Indeed, organisers went so far as to blame the final blow on the barometer itself.

But despite there still being a long way to go before we can really let our hair down and throw some celebratory shapes on the dancefloor, many tonight will be pleased to raise their glass for one hour longer as bars can remain open until midnight rather than 11pm.

Ok, it’s no way near the freedom that Denmark, the UK and Ireland are seeing restored, but in these dark days it’s important to celebrate the small victories. And if fléchettes (darts) is your thing, make sure they’re sharpened because you can now get your eye in again (oh the quirks of health restrictions).

It is worth bearing in mind that Belgium has yet to reach this latest Omicron peak, so the liberties that await in colour codes orange and yellow are still some way off. But hopefully, alongside the continued progress of the booster campaign, the summer – distant though it seems – can be carefree. Santé to that!

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