WiFi to be rolled out in all Brussels secondary schools by 2024

WiFi to be rolled out in all Brussels secondary schools by 2024
Credit: Belga

All secondary school students in Brussels will be able to connect to WiFi on campus by 2024, thanks to €5.2 million in funding from the European recovery plan.

The plan for the digitisation of the Brussels schools was named “Mijn school gaat digitaal,” or “My school goes digital,” and was designed by Brussels Minister for Digitalisation Bernard Clerfayt to consist of two pillars.

The first is to provide students with necessary information technology and the second is the installation of WiFi in schools.

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“In just a few years’ time, digital technology has penetrated into all areas of our society,” Clerfayt said in a statement.

“Schools are no exception. It is therefore urgent to ensure secure internet access. All the more so because digital technology in schools offers numerous advantages for both pupils and teachers.”

New IT equipment for schools

Schools have the opportunity to choose IT equipment worth €6,250, which includes laptops, tablets, projectors and other materials. After four years, the equipment becomes school property.

In terms of Wifi connections, the goal is for every school to have 8-11 hotspots with which the students can access the internet.

Credit: Belga

The first project was awarded to the Centre for Informatics for the Brussels Region (CIBG).

“With ‘My school goes digital’, we ensure that schools are sufficiently equipped to teach and learn digital skills,” said Nicolas Locoge, Director-General at the CIBG.

“In this way, the young people of today are optimally prepared to actively participate in tomorrow’s digital society.”

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