'World Freedom Convoy' eyes Brussels as destination for massive trucker protest

'World Freedom Convoy' eyes Brussels as destination for massive trucker protest
Credit: Belga

Truckers and motorists from across Europe are planning a ‘Freedom Convoy’ to protest the government’s coronavirus policies, in the same vein as the demonstrations taking place in Canada.

Reports are circulating of a march to Brussels on 14 February, Bruzz reports, and police are monitoring the situation.

Thousands of people and hundreds of trucks have been blocking the downtown area of the Canadian capital since 29 January, calling for an end to a requirement that those crossing the border into the United States be vaccinated.

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A number of Canadian citizens have joined the truckers' cause, turning the demonstration into a broader fight against the health measures taken in Canada.

Movement takes hold in Brussels

The Freedom Convoy is now also inspiring European opponents of mandatory vaccination and restrictive Covid-19 policies.

In the span of just one week, 40,000 people joined a chat titled 'World Freedom Convoy' on Signal, an encrypted messaging app.

The topics of conversation are very diverse, with many focusing on the right to free speech and the right to make one's own health choices. Several sub-channels have been created for truck drivers from other European countries who want to organize actions.

On 7 February, truck drivers want to drive to their respective capital cities. On 14 February, it will be a European march with the final destination being Brussels.

It’s not clear how many drivers will actually take to the road. Police have not received any request for permission to demonstrate, but are monitoring the situation.

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