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The Anima Festival is back!

The Anima Festival is back!
Turning Red (©Disney Pixar)

Anima, the Brussels International Animation Film Festival, is back in the sublime Flagey building until March 6th, as well as on its streaming platform Anima Online, for a hybrid edition that is as rich as it is qualitative.

The festival will also be present at the Palace and Cinematek in Brussels, as well as throughout Flanders and Wallonia in numerous partner cinemas.

In theatres and online, Anima remains above all the festival for all audiences and offers a programme for all types of spectators, from aficionados of animated films to the most curious, from the youngest to the oldest, without forgetting professionals in the sector. It will open in Flagey with the sublime film The Summit of the Gods, directed by Patrick Imbert, an adaptation of the eponymous manga by Jiro Taniguchi and Baku Yumemakura.

The Summit of the Gods (©Lumière)

Films for everyone

Families will discover the year's new children's films with 9 feature films, including Turning Red, the latest Disney Pixar film for its only theatrical screenings in Belgium, and 12 compilations of short films, alongside the best re-runs. On Anima Online, exclusive content will be added to the KIDS corner, where children will also discover the various short film programmes in the selection.

In addition to the traditional Best of Shorts and This is Belgian short film compilations, Anima's programme for teenagers and adults will feature a Queer Night on the theme of LGBTQia+ love in animation, as well as the return of the famous Animated Night. This year's focus will highlight new generations of filmmakers from two European countries with original film traditions, the Czech Republic and France. The new Not So Short category, exclusively on Anima Online, will feature amazing medium-length films.


A new label has been added to Anima's programme to indicate films that respect inclusion. This emerging theme, the defence of minorities, is indeed omnipresent in the programme and runs through all of Anima’s film categories. The creation of this label (identifiable by the INCLUSIVITY tag on Anima’s website or the mention “Incl.” in the paper programme) emphasises a new movement that the Festival wishes to highlight and encourage.


Futuranima's professional meetings, from 28 February to 5 March, will also make a comeback in the flesh with some twenty events aimed at the sector's talents. With its numerous theme days, its masterclass devoted to virtual reality and its evening meetings with the film teams and the public, Futuranima's programme is a real boost for the sector. And to continue learning more about animation, many exclusive Futuranima contents, including studio and director presentations, will be available on the Anima Online platform.

Last but not least, a return to face-to-face meetings will, of course, go hand in hand with special events. Anima will be pleased to host a monumental video-mapping on the theme of underwater landscapes that will be displayed on the different floors of the Flagey building, as well as an exhibition on the anti-hero Dickie (Boerke in Dutch), created by Pieter De Poortere, who designed the poster of the 2022 edition.

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