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The European School of Mol - a hidden gem

The European School of Mol - a hidden gem

The European School of Mol (ES Mol) is unique in many ways and is still a hidden gem for most. It is the only European school in Belgium that is open to all students, with a leafy 20-hectare campus, 60-year history, three language sections and an extraordinary all-female leadership team.

The school was established in 1960 and is located in the Flemish town of Mol, 55 km from Antwerp, 75 km from Brussels and 45 km from Eindhoven. There is also a school bus service to Eindhoven and Antwerp, as well as the local area.

The vibrant school community includes expats, locals and families working for European institutions. All thirteen European schools are primarily intended for children of employees of the European institutions and out of the five European schools in Belgium, only ES Mol is accessible to all families with the same high teaching standards as the other four schools in Brussels.

ES Mol is a true melting pot of languages and cultures with a wonderful family feel.

“Besides learning languages, I learned how to interact with people from all around the globe”.

Alumna Elodie Wellner, who graduated in 2019

Elodie remembers her class fondly as one of the things she loved most about the school. Her classmates, who she proudly calls great friends, made her time at ES Mol even better. On top of that, Elodie really liked her Dutch, English and Spanish teachers, they were always motivated to teach and were very friendly and helpful. With around eight hundred students, everyone knows your name and you are not just a number in a crowd.

The school also offers specially tailored enrichment for gifted children and support for those with special educational needs and there is an affiliated boarding school for families living far away.

The school has three language sections, English, Dutch and French. Students are taught in their mother tongue or language section of their choice, and learn a second or even a third language as early as Primary School. The school is divided into Nursery School for ages 3-6, Primary School for ages 6-11 and Secondary for ages 12-18. There is also an affiliated creche on campus for babies and toddlers.

As in all other European schools, students graduate with an internationally recognised European Baccalaureate that is a springboard to the world, and ES Mol alumni are successful in many sectors from entrepreneurship to business, law, medicine, academia, the arts and beyond.

Because the European school curriculum is identical in all the schools and follows national curricula, students are able to move easily between schools and countries without having to repeat a year. They emerge with broad horizons as true citizens of the world!

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