Nearly 1 in 3 Brussels employees would trade car for lease bike

Nearly 1 in 3 Brussels employees would trade car for lease bike
A cycling path in Brussels. Photo by Helen Lyons/The Brussels Times

If a lease bicycle were an option, nearly one in three (31%) Brussels employees would consider trading in one of the cars in their family, research commissioned by Lease a Bike shows.

While "company bicycles" can reduce the number of cars on the road and parking problems, this is currently only possible for 10% of employees in Brussels. However, research by Lease a Bike shows that such a company bike can be a convenient alternative to sitting in traffic jams and looking for a parking spot, reports Bruzz.

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Just over 30% of employees would consider going without a car if they could get their dream bike from work. Just under half of Brussels employees (49.8%) even indicate that their employer would not be open to it at all if they asked for it.

Only 21.8% believe that their employer would happy to make the transition. "Employers would mainly turn away because of the cost and the effort it takes to arrange it, or because they are not familiar with 'bicycle leasing'," the study states.

People often think leasing a bicycle is only possible if they work for a large company, but Lease a Bike stressed that this is not true: "Even the smallest SME can lease a bicycle."

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