Bolt ridesharing service arrives in Brussels

Bolt ridesharing service arrives in Brussels
The Bolt app shows regular taxis as an option alongside their own drivers. Bolt began operating in Brussels in February of 2022. Photo by Helen Lyons/The Brussels Times.

Residents and visitors of Brussels can now order rides from both LVC (VVB) and taxi drivers using the Bolt app, in what the Estonian mobility company is touting as a solution to the ongoing dispute between traditional cab drivers and apps like their own and Uber.

“Bolt wants to offer an answer to the tense situation in Brussels,” said Laurent Pantusa, Country Manager Ride Hailing at Bolt.

“We are convinced that we will bring solutions to the traffic jams in Brussels and to the mobility debate in Belgium. Our ultimate ambition is to reduce the private use of cars and provide affordable solutions for our users while our drivers earn a fair living.”

Users who open the Bolt app to request a ride will see the option for a traditional taxi or a Bolt driver, the latter of which is generally the much cheaper option.

Competitive prices

Bolt says it wants to be “the cheapest alternative,” and will offer its services to users at a competitive price for the first few weeks, employing a starting ride in Brussels of €8, a kilometre cost of €1.25 and a minute rate of €0.30.

“Bolt brings a solution to the market that offers added value for both passengers and drivers,” said Pantusa.

“We have been watching the Brussels market for some time now, and are keen to combine our local insights with our international experience. We look forward to this launch with confidence.”

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The mobility company says its ultimate goal is to offer an alternative to the use of private cars for most distances and situations, thereby providing solutions to mobility issues like traffic and pollution.

The company’s electric scooters are already scattered throughout Brussels, Ypres and Namur, but the ridesharing aspect is new and will be available in Brussels and in the Flemish suburbs.

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