Belgian GPs inject 700 fake vaccines face charges

Belgian GPs inject 700 fake vaccines face charges
Patients are said to have been given injections of solutions other than approved vaccines. Credit Sud Info

Two doctors in Wallonia are facing charges of fraud on Monday, suspected of giving up to 700 patients injections that contained no Covid-19 vaccination.

According to press reports in Sud Info and La Libre, a spokesperson for Walloon health minister Christie Morreale said the GPs would be pursued for "giving the impression of administering vaccinations".

One of the doctors, based in the Walloon Brabant, is suspected of duping nearly 500 people with fake doses while the other, based in the regional capital of Namur, is accused of around 200 such cases.

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"This is about false vaccinations," the spokesperson said, clarifying that the two sham doctors have not been administering the false doses in vaccination centres. Instead, they collect the doses from pharmacies and go to patients' homes to administer the vaccines. Except that they were, in fact, not injecting the vaccines at all.

The latest complaints come after four previous cases where doctors were accused of profiting from the pandemic, plus two members of support staff in vaccination centres in the regional towns of Tubize and Wavre as well as wider scams previously reported by The Brussels Times.

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