Hidden Belgium: A wild ride on the Antwerp Ring cycle path

Hidden Belgium: A wild ride on the Antwerp Ring cycle path

Ranked in 2019 as one of the top three cities in Europe for cycling, Antwerp has developed a network of separate cycle trails that take you safely to every corner of the city.

You can experience the bike network for yourself by following the dedicated cycle lanes around the leien boulevards and along the Scheldt waterfront.

The most adventurous is the Ringfietspad that takes you on dedicated cycle paths that follow the busy Antwerp ring motorway, all the way from Kiel on the south side to the docklands in the north.

Completed in 2019, the 12km route runs mainly through woods and parks bordering the busy ring.

The highlight is a pedestrian and cycle bridge that links Park Spoor Noord with Het Eilandje. Constructed in 2019 by Brussels engineers Ney & Partners, the bridge features a steel canopy pierced with holes that create a romantic dappled light effect.

Pick up a free fietskaart (bike map) at the tourist office before you set off.

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