Ceiling for contact-free bank-card payments will remain at €50

Ceiling for contact-free bank-card payments will remain at €50
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The ceiling for contact-free payments with bank cards remains unchanged at €50, according to Belgium's federation of financial institutions, Febelfin.

The limit for bank card payments not requiring a PIN number had been raised from €25 to €50 in April 2020, during the first lockdown caused by the coronavirus, Belga News Agency reports.

Since then, people have been able to make several contact-free payments within the same day up to a limit of €100. The previous daily limit had been €50.

Originally intended to limit contact during height of pandemic

Contact-free payments are “the most hygienic way to pay for one’s purchases in these times of the Coronavirus crisis,” Febelfin had said at the time.

“You no longer need to touch the keyboard of the payment machine to make the payment,” it explained, adding that the measure would remain in force for as long as it was necessary.

Febelfin said on Friday that the adjustment from €20 to €50 per transaction “has been particularly appreciated by consumers,” who now make about 60% of their purchases contact-free, compared to 16% before the pandemic.

There have been calls for a further increase in the ceiling, the federation said; however, the €50-euro limit was set at the European level.

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