Hidden Belgium: A la Mort Subite

Hidden Belgium: A la Mort Subite

The spectacular café A la Morte Subite was designed in 1910 by Paul Hamesse. It welcomes you with huge mirrors, marble columns and faded photographs of Jacques Brel.

The waitresses are tart, the beer even more so. Mort Subite is an authentic Brussels experience.

The 2015 film The Danish Girl includes several scenes set in Paris but filmed in Brussels locations.

The elegant interior of the Art Deco café A la Mort Subite evoked a 1920s Parisian café, while other scenes were filmed in the Galeries Saint Hubert, Horta’s Art Nouveau Max Hallet mansion and the Parc de Bruxelles.

The director Tom Hooper told the press: “I fell in love with the Art Nouveau in Brussels.”

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