Fire at Ghent University, possible railway disruption

Fire at Ghent University, possible railway disruption
Photo from Facebook/Politiezone VLAS

A fire broke out in the VEG-i-TEC building of Ghent University in Kortrijk on Friday morning and because of its location close to the railway, train traffic could be disrupted.

The fire started around 10:00 in the research centre in the Graaf Karel de Goedelaan at Kortrijk Weide, Belga News Agency reports.

The fire brigade and emergency services are at the scene.

“There were no students present. The fire is said to be under control by now. It was a short and fierce fire,” said spokesperson Elke Christiaan, speaking on behalf of the Howest students who had classes on campus.

“They were all evacuated in time and without a hitch.”

No injuries, source of fire not yet known

UGent spokesperson Stefanie Lenoir said there were no injuries.

“People on site are currently investigating further what exactly happened. We do know that the fire started in a research centre on vegetables and potato processing.”

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The research centre only officially opened its doors in September last year. In it, research is done on vegetables and potato processing.

‘VEG-i-TEC', as the centre is called, aims to provide innovations that make the vegetable and potato processing industry more sustainable and circular.

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