Ukraine: National peace rally planned for 27 March

Ukraine: National peace rally planned for 27 March
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Numerous Belgian trade unions and civil organisations announced on Friday plans for a national rally in late March to denounce the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The “Europe for Freedom and Solidarity” rally, scheduled for 27 March, will start at 13:00 at the Gare du Nord train station in Brussels, Belga News Agency reports.

“Let’s denounce the horror of the war. Join us to call for a ceasefire and a de-escalation,” organisers such as the National Centre for Development Cooperation urged.

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Other participating groups include the Belgian Coalition against Nuclear Weapons, the FGTB/ABVV and CSC/ACV trade union federations, Hand in Hand tegen racism (the Flemish anti-racism association).

The groups, which advocate “active peace diplomacy” and a Europe without nuclear arms also insists on the importance of providing support for Ukrainian refugees.

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