Dott expands Brussels operations as demand for micromobility grows

Dott expands Brussels operations as demand for micromobility grows
Photo from Dott

Micromobility operator Dott, whose bright blue bikes and scooters can be found throughout Brussels, is expanding its operations in the Belgian capital in light of an increase in demand for micromobility options.

After three years in Brussels, the company– which seeks to distinguish itself from the others operating in Belgium with sustainability initiatives and a progressive employment model– recently opened a larger operations centre and an additional warehouse to meet a surge in usage of its electric bikes and scooters.

“The opening of our new, expanded warehouse marks a new chapter for Dott in Brussels,” said Marien Jomier, Dott’s General Manager for Belgium.

“Having doubled our usage last year, we have become a part of everyday life in the city, helping to keep people moving in a sustainable way. This new base for our operations will ensure we can continue to provide a safe and reliable service for increasing numbers of riders.”

A doubling of rides taken in Belgium

Half of Brussels residents have taken a ride with one of Dott’s shared scooters or bicycles.

During 2021, they more than doubled (176%) the number of rides in the city compared to 2020, with as many people using micromobility as those who take a taxi, according to figures from Brussels Mobility.

The company also saw a rise in the number of people purchasing ride-passes, which are now used on over 60% of rides taken.

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Brussels was the first city in which Dott established its service, back in January 2019. Since then, it’s expanded to 11 countries and over 40 cities, and is currently growing its service to Flanders. Dott is operating in Hasselt and has e-scooters in Aalst, with additional trials for e-bikes there.

For its third anniversary and in order to accommodate the increase in riders, Dott recently unveiled the first of its next generation of e-scooter, whose new features include front suspension, larger 11.5” wheels, an integrated phone holder with wireless charging and enhanced location accuracy to improve control around parking and speed controls.

Dott now has a team of over 50 based in Brussels, and with the new warehouse has over 3,000 square metres of space in the city.

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