‘Stop Putin’s oil’: Peace sign lit up in Schuman Square

‘Stop Putin’s oil’: Peace sign lit up in Schuman Square
Photo from Twitter

Activists from the NGO Avaaz lit thousands of candles in the form of a peace sign on Rond Point Schuman at the heart of the European institutions in Brussels, calling on European leaders to stop importing oil from Russia.

The NGO's staff carried signs bearing the slogan “Stop Putin's oil,” Belga News Agency reports.

“Europe's best line of defence is a rapid transition from fossil fuels to 100% clean energy,” said Patricia Martin-Diaz, campaign manager at Avaaz.

The NGO also pointed out that a million people have signed the petition it launched with Ukrainian activist Svitlana Romanko calling for a complete boycott of Russian fuels.

“European money is fueling Putin's war in Ukraine. European Union leaders say they want peace, say they support Ukraine, but they finance destruction,” said Ukrainian climate activist Ilyess El Kortbi.

The initiative took place on the eve of US President Joe Biden's visit to Brussels.

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