Spain considers Covid-19 as 'common flu' from today

Spain considers Covid-19 as 'common flu' from today
Credit: Belga

As of today (Monday 28 March), Spain is entering a new phase of the coronavirus pandemic as this country's government decided to end the "acute phase of the pandemic."

Last week, the Spanish Ministry of Health and the country's regions agreed in the Public Health Commission that Covid-19 testing will no longer be mandatory for all suspected Covid cases, but only in severe cases, in vulnerable people (over 60 years, immunocompromised and pregnant women) and in vulnerable settings (health and social-health).

For the general population, however, testing is no longer advised for mild and asymptomatic cases – meaning that isolation and quarantine will no longer be required either, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Health.

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The country has progressively been relaxing most measures over the past months, and the only measure that remains in place is the obligation to wear a face mask in public indoor public places and on public transport. In certain places, such as hospitals, stricter measures may also still apply.

While Covid-19 retains its status as a "notifiable" disease – like AIDS and tuberculosis – only severe cases will actually have to be reported, and its treatment will be like that of the common flu, reports El Pais.

The new strategy will remain in force as long as there is no significant change in the trend indicating uncontrolled circulation of the virus, or a change in the epidemiological situation that requires "re-establishing surveillance and control measures" at the proposal of the Alerts and Preparedness and Response Plans.

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