Brussels transport: Passengers rate STIB 7.3 out of 10

Brussels transport: Passengers rate STIB 7.3 out of 10
Photo from STIB

Passengers of Brussels transport company STIB have rated the service 7.3 out of ten on the latest satisfaction barometer, according to a press release.

“This means that customer satisfaction with the service is very good, while the number of passengers has once again increased,” STIB said.

“Especially the ease of use of the purchase of tickets via contactless payment by bank card is appreciated, as well as the fares and the punctuality, despite the return of traffic jams.”

The score is similar to last year’s, which the agency is pleased with considering the increase in passenger traffic as pandemic measures are lifted.

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“This brings us closer to the target of 7.4/10 provided for in the public service contract by the end of 2023,” said STIB CEO Brieuc de Meeûs in a statement.

“This score is the result of the everyday efforts of our employees who make a journey with STIB as pleasant and comfortable as possible for passengers. These efforts continue with the arrival of new trams, buses and underground trains, the expansion and further security of the network and the digitalisation of our services for the benefit of our passengers.”

Increase in use of contactless payment

Payment by bank card or smart device, which allows travellers to pay for their journey directly in the vehicle or at the entrance gates, scored high on the passenger satisfaction barometer.

STIB introduced the so-called EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) in the summer of 2020, and while the extra payment option for buying a ticket was mainly aimed at occasional users and tourists, it saw a sharp rise in popularity with all travellers.

In 2021, EMV was used for 3 million journeys – one million more than originally planned.

Low fares for a ride on the metro, tram or bus also attracted passengers, who reported they found them “affordable".

New customers also rate service high

In the past, new customers tended to be the most critical of STIB services, but the company says this trend is now being completely reversed.

“STIB service has improved considerably in the space of a few years and no longer corresponds to the image that some people had,” the company said.

“The new customers are also relatively young (the most represented category is 24 years old). They give STIB very high marks for the quality of its services.”

Happy customers cite travel time, frequency, punctuality, the feeling of safety during the day, customer-friendliness and passenger information as positive points.

Buses at Place Flagey. Credit: STIB

“Public transport is crucial for the mobility needs of the people of Brussels. That is why we are investing heavily in affordable and accessible public transport, via discounted fares, contactless payment, and soon also with the Mobility as a Service app,” said Minister for Mobility Elke Van den Brandt.

“Just like the many Brussels citizens surveyed, I am an extremely satisfied STIB user, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for their continuous efforts to be there for all Brussels residents every day.”

The survey was conducted last year between 19 October 2021 and 25 January 2022. 8,321 people took part in the survey, 6,104 of them online and 2,217 by telephone.

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