Brussels Short Film Festival begins its 25th edition

Brussels Short Film Festival begins its 25th edition
Viewers enjoy the festival. Credit: Brussels Short Film Festival.

This year marks the 25th edition of the Brussels Short Film Festival, which begins on Wednesday and will continue until the end of the month.

The Brussels Short Film Festival (BSFF) has worked with independent filmmakers since 1997 to promote short films, as well as to foster connections between film directors, editors and actors with larger associations. Films competing in the festival are eligible for three different competitions: the International Competition, National Competition and Next Generation competition.

339 short films will be shown over the course of the festival. In addition to 133 competitors, shorts that were nominated for the last Academy Awards Oscars Ceremony will be featured as well. BSFF has been listed as an Oscars ‘qualifying festival’ since 2018. As a special twist for its 25th anniversary, BSFF also plans to include fan-favourite shorts from previous years.

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Films will be divided into categories such as animated shorts, travel, “short but trashy”, family and categories for Latino and South Korean culture. In addition to BSFF awards, the European Short Film Audience Award will also be given in order to determine audience favourites across Europe.

The festival will be spread out over multiple locations, including the cinema in Flagey and Le Vendôme in Matonge and the open-air Mont des Arts.

The winners of each category will be announced at the end of the festival on 30 April. More information about the festival and how to purchase tickets can be found here.

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