Tunnel renovations and road works to disrupt Brussels traffic from Monday

Tunnel renovations and road works to disrupt Brussels traffic from Monday
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As part of the renovation of the Brussels tunnels and its asphalting programme, Brussels Mobility is starting up a number of major construction sites in the coming months, which will all lead to disrupted traffic. The first works start on Monday.

The biggest disruptions are expected in and near the Van Praet and Trône tunnels. In June and July, works on the E411 motorway towards the centre of Brussels and on the outer ring road in Anderlecht will also have an impact.

Van Praet tunnel

On Monday 9 May, the renovation of the Van Praet tunnel will start with groundworks and the renewal of the water seal.

As this will take place above ground – at the roundabout between the Docks shopping centre and the Avenue de Vilvorde – disrupted traffic is to be expected. Driving by will remain possible, but only on narrowed lanes.

From January 2023, work will be carried out in the tunnel itself, meaning the tunnel will be closed between 22:00 and 06:00; traffic will have to make a detour above ground.

These works should be completed by autumn 2023.

Trône tunnel

On 16 May, the renovation of the Trône tunnel will start, and the passages in the direction of the Basilica and Rue Belliard will be completely closed off to traffic until the autumn. Traffic will have to use a single lane in both directions through the tunnel passage in the direction of Midi/Zuid, which will be adapted for this purpose.

To make sure not too many cars drive to and from the tunnel at the same time, traffic in the Porte de Namur tunnel and the Arts-Loi tunnel will already be reduced to one lane.

Motorists going from Louise to Arts-Loi or Rue Belliard have to drive above ground from the Porte de Namur tunnel. Drivers from Madou to Porte de Namur will have to drive above ground from Arts-Loi.

From mid-October, the situation will be reversed: work will then be carried out in the tunnel passage in the Midi/Zuid direction and all traffic will have to pass through the passage in the direction of the Basilica.

From the end of January 2023, both tunnel passages of the Trône tunnel will be open to traffic again, and the rest of the work will be carried out at night: the tunnel will be closed on weeknights between 22:00 and 06:00 until the end of 2023.

Asphalt works

From spring to autumn, Brussels Mobility invests €10 million a year in the preventive renovation of major road sections. The multi-year planning is based on a mapping of the state of the road network.

This year, two asphalting projects will cause a lot of traffic hindrance:

From 21:00 on Friday 10 June to 05:00 on Monday 13 June, the end of the E411 motorway will receive a new asphalt layer. This includes the lanes heading towards the centre at the Herrmann-Debroux viaduct, which will have to be closed to traffic for this purpose.

A local diversion is planned via Chaussée de Wavre, Avenue Herrmann-Debroux and Avenue Gustave Demey. Through traffic is advised to stay on the Ring Road from the Leonard crossroads to Quatre Bras and then follow the Avenue de Tervueren and Boulevard du Souverain.

From 21:00 on Friday 8 July to 12:00 Sunday 10 July, a part of the Ring R0 in Anderlecht will be asphalted (between kmp 54,54 and kmp 55,5). This work will alternate between the left and right lanes, leaving one lane available at all times. The entrances and exits will remain accessible to traffic.

An overview of all the asphalt works in the short term can be found on this page. Traffic disruption and traffic information can be followed in real-time via the Twitter account of Brussels Mobility.

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