Covid Safe Ticket could be put back on the table, says Belgian health minister

Covid Safe Ticket could be put back on the table, says Belgian health minister
Credit: Belga

In the run-up to the Consultative Committee on Friday, Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke is relaunching discussions on a text to re-implement the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) in case of a new Covid-19 wave.

Since Belgium switched to 'code yellow' on its coronavirus barometer on 7 March, people are no longer required to show a valid CST to prove that they are fully vaccinated, have recently tested negative or recovered from a Covid-19 infection to gain access to events and places such as bars, restaurants, gyms and cinemas.

However, Vandenbroucke wants to make sure the framework is in place to reintroduce the tool in case the Covid-19 situation worsens again, reports Le Soir.

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The legal framework to reintroduce the CST is set to expire on 30 June, meaning that if a dangerous new Covid-19 variant would emerge beyond that date, Belgium would not have a legal basis to impose the requirement again.

The 30 June expiry date of the CST was meant to coincide with the end date of the EU's Digital Covid Certificate for travel. The EU Certificate, however, is set to be extended for another year – until 30 June 2023.

However, it is not certain that Belgium will reach an agreement on extending the framework for the CST on Friday, as the tool was very controversial and several parties, including the Francophone Ecolo green party, are strongly against it.

The Brussels Times reached out to Vandenbroucke's cabinet for clarification but did not receive a response ahead of publication.

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