Cannes film festival: Bouli Lanners in Cannes for the projection of the “Night of the 12th”

Cannes film festival: Bouli Lanners in Cannes for the projection of the “Night of the 12th”
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The actors of Dominik Moll’s “La Nuit du 12” (The Night of the 12th) including Belgium’s Bouli Lanners and Frenchman Bastien Bouillon were in Cannes on Friday evening for the projection of the feature film in the ‘Cannes Première’ section, Belga News Agency reports.

The Cannes Première is reserved for confirmed film directors who are not competing for an award.

At the start of the showing, the film had to be stopped and started over, due to a technical incident linked to a subtitling issue. This delayed the showing. However, despite this hiccup, the public loved the thriller, built around a heady cold case.

"The Night of the 12th is based on the novel by Pauline Guéna, "18.3 - une année à la PJ" [“18.3 – a Year at the Judicial Police”].

"It’s a special adaptation since the film is drawn from just about thirty pages from a book that has over five hundred,” the film’s French director explained. "Pauline Guéna spent a year immersed in the Judicial Police services in Versailles,” he added. “She tells of a daily existence of routine and harrowing situations.”

"With Gilles Marchand, my joint scriptwriter, we focused on the book’s last three chapters, which have to do with an investigation whose specificity is that the killer is never found,” Moll added. “It’s an unresolved case, which is what drew my interest. Generally, in thrillers, the criminals are delivered in handcuffs and shackles. Here, the focus is different. It’s on the work of the investigators and the violence they face daily."

Bouli Lanners and Bastien Bouillon form a likeable duo on the screen. "Bouli Lanners is overflowing with generosity and humanity; that’s exactly what was needed for his character,” Dominik Moll stressed.

The film’s cast includes another Belgian, David Murgia, who was not in Cannes on Friday.

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