Belgium in Brief: No more rules (for now?)

Belgium in Brief: No more rules (for now?)
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After over two years of Covid-19 restrictions in place in Belgium, the last of them have been lifted today.

No more face masks on buses, trams, metros or trains. No more paperwork hoops to jump through when you want to travel outside the EU. No more coronavirus barometer.

While many people in Brussels already started leaving their masks at home before taking public transport several weeks ago, they will not even be breaking the law when they do it from now on.

The only places people are still required to wear them are in hospitals, doctor’s offices and pharmacies – a precaution that only seems reasonable, to be honest.

However, it is less clear what will happen with the Covid Safe Ticket (CST). While Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke wanted to make sure the tool could be used in case the pandemic worsens again, the Consultative Committee did not extend the legal framework.

Instead, Belgium's health ministers have been tasked with further investigating the epidemiological added value of the CST, and its place in the coronavirus barometer.

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