Alfers 2022: winners of the Namur province’s economic prizes revealed

Alfers 2022: winners of the Namur province’s economic prizes revealed
Credit: Cérémonie des Alfers 2022

On Tuesday evening, the winners of the 35th edition of the Alfers, the economic prizes that highlight Namur’s most innovative companies, were rewarded at the Delta, the former “House of Culture”, in the Walloon capital.

The jury, consisting of representatives of the Province Namur, the Economic Office of the Province, and economic operators including Namur Invest, UCM Namur, Cobelba and ING, chose six winners for this year’s edition.

Six winners

The international prize went to the company Isoproc, which sells cellulose wadding-based insulation to building professionals.

The innovation prize was awarded to Qualiblood, which helps firms and public bodies to develop innovative medicines to reduce the risks of thrombotic disease, providing more options by giving "the most appropriate contraception or hormonal replacement to younger women and those who experience menopausal symptoms."

The provincial school of agriculture and science in Ciney got a reward for their mini-enterprise called “Les Eleveurs de Demain” (“The Farmers of Tomorrow”), which sells local breakfast packs within the school.

The innovative idea of the company “Les chips de Lucien” received the “Commerce” award, which makes artisanal chips for customers who want to eat more locally and sustainably.

The Linkube prize, an award dedicated to student entrepreneurs, went to the graduates Millet&Pillow, who designed a 100% organic pillow, in collaboration with an osteopath.

Finally, Entranam, a Fernelmont based company, got chosen by the jury as the “Coup de Coeur” (“favourite”), which has been developing the Night and Day shop network for the past 25 years.

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