Brussels: Cycle-specific bridge across Ring highway opens

Brussels: Cycle-specific bridge across Ring highway opens
A new cycle bridge to cross the Ring motorway around Brussels opens. Credit: Belga

Cycling infrastructure is developing in Brussels. On Monday, a cycle bridge located near Diegem was opened, allowing cyclists to cross the Ring highway around Brussels.

The bridge, to the northeast of Brussels, is 169 meters long and follows the railway line between Leuven and Brussels, connecting to the F3 cycle highway. Flemish Minister for Mobility Lydia Peeters officially inaugurated the bridge Monday morning.

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The bridge should make the route across the Ring easier for cyclists; at five metres wide, there is space for pedestrians to use it as well.

Encouraging commuters to use their bikes

Infrastructure to connect the F3 cycle highway to the neighbouring industrial area of Keiberg-Kouterveld and Diegem station is being developed to encourage commuters who normally drive to cycle instead.

The project's budget is approximately €24 million, including €15 million from the Flemish government and €8 million from the Flemish Brabant province. The Mechelen and Zaventem municipalities also contributed financially to the project.

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