Brussels to solve neighbourhood conflicts through mediation, rather than legal proceedings

Brussels to solve neighbourhood conflicts through mediation, rather than legal proceedings
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The City of Brussels is launching an awareness campaign on solving neighbourhood conflicts through Bravvo, its local conflict mediation service, reported Bruzz.

"With the campaign, we want to point out that Bravvo's four local mediators are ready at any time to facilitate communication and dialogue between neighbors," said Mayor Philippe Close.

"Tensions between neighbors are part of city life. We must learn to address each other in time, to show our good will, to prevent tensions from degenerating into uncontrollable conflict," added Close.

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Bravvo wants to form residents abouts it free mediation service through flyers, posters and face-to-face meetings in different neighbourhoods in Brussels, including the city center, the Marolles, the Chaussée D'Anvers by Schaerbeek, Laeken and Cité Modèle,

Your friendly neighbourhood local mediator

Residents can contact four local mediators for free in case of local disputes among neighbours. The mediators will first hear the application's explanation of the case, then they will try to get an appointment with the other person to hear their version and suggest mediation from there. If both parties agree, an initial meeting is arranged to find a solution that works for everyone.

Bravvo encourages people to get in touch the moment there is any tension. "We want to let people know that we are here and that they should contact us as soon as possible," stressed Nurinnisa Balci, Bravvo's local mediator in the Northern Quarter of Brussels.

"Good mediation offers a faster and more sustainable solution than legal proceedings. It has been proven that a negotiated solution calms a situation better than a bad trial with a winner and a loser."

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