Heavy rains cause flooding in southern Belgium

Heavy rains cause flooding in southern Belgium
Illustration shows the name of the Andenne municipality on a road sign, Thursday 03 May 2018. BELGA PHOTO JOHN THYS

Heavy rainfall caused floods on Sunday in Namur Province, particularly in Andenne, according to the local fire service, Belga News Agency reports.

The rain started at about 1 PM, quickly submerging roads, with the flood waters seeping into houses. Video footage showed part of the E42 under water between Andenne and Namur.

By 14:30, the firefighters had been called in for about 30 interventions, mainly to pump flood waters from homes, and in connection with blocked roads. An additional 20-odd calls came from Eghezée and Assesse.

The Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) has placed the provinces of Liège, Namur, Luxembourg, Antwerp and Limburg on orange alert for stormy weather. The alert remains in effect until 6 PM on Sunday.

Earlier in the day, the IRM warned that “south of the Sambre/Meuse Valley, as well as the provinces of Limburg and Antwerp, will be dealing with rainfall that will exceed 40 l/m2 in six hours in many places.”

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