Plane lands without any landing gear in Liège

Plane lands without any landing gear in Liège
Credit: Bernard Spragg / Flickr

A plane coming from Antwerp landed without landing gear at Liège Airport on early Wednesday afternoon, a spokesperson told Belga News Agency.

The Beechcraft King Air twin-engine business jet, that had recently flown to Poland and France, was carrying out a training session, which included "touch-and-go" landings.

It landed, without its landing gear, at the airport at around 13:15 on Wednesday. Both passengers of the plane, the pilot and his student, were unharmed, but the same can not be said for the plane's propellers.

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According to preliminary reports, the landing gear failed not deploy owing to a technical issue.

The main runway had to be closed while the aircraft's damage was being assessed, while another, smaller runway remained operational. At approximately 16:00 on Wednesday, the jet was still on the runway.

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