Brussels 'Silent Night' campaign asks partygoers to respect people's sleep

Brussels 'Silent Night' campaign asks partygoers to respect people's sleep
The campaign focuses on areas where people flock to during the night, such as Saint-Géry. Credit: Belga

Belgium's capital launched its "Silent Night" campaign, focusing on the city's downtown area, especially the very busy neighbourhoods of Place Saint-Géry and Saint-Jacques between Grand Place and Mont des Arts.

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness among revellers to respect the sleep of its residents and more generally the public tranquillity of the city centre, the City of Brussels' authorities wrote in a statement.

"In the party districts, such as Saint-Géry or Saint-Jacques for example, the party naturally extends to the terraces. It was, therefore, necessary to raise awareness about the presence of neighbours who also want more peace and quiet," the city said in a statement.

The project includes unique awareness-raising actions in the public space that will be carried out by actors — such as Emma and Willy — who will be dressed in pyjamas with night bonnets on their heads.

They pass through city-centre terraces with a lantern, cushion and sound metre in their hands, and ask people to sing a lullaby to make partygoers aware of the nuisances that they sometimes unknowingly cause.

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Students will follow in their footsteps to hand out sweets with logos calling for silence printed on them to thank the target group for their respect to keep the campaign "playful and pleasant."

"Silent Night" kicked off this weekend with two sessions from 22:30 to 01:30 on Friday and Saturday evening. Other performances will be staged at the same times on 24 and 25 June, and on 2,8 and 9 July. The performance by Willy and Emma will be repeated in August.

A major communication campaign, the brainchild of the Public Tranquillity Service of Bravvo (Brussels City’s prevention service) will also be rolled out in collaboration with Bruxelles Environnement, the residents, the neighbourhood committee and traders.

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