Aviation strikes: Airline by airline

Aviation strikes: Airline by airline
Credit: graphic- Marta Mieze / The Brussels Times; photo- Belga

This week's strikes will make it harder for some travellers to reach their holiday destinations. Here is a compiled list of all airlines experiencing disruptions this week.

Brussels Airport

All flights from Brussels Airport are cancelled Monday, 20 June. A large number of G4S Security Staff are on strike on the day of action for purchase power, which the airport announced Sunday evening poses a "security" risk. Cargo flights are still operational. One in four-passenger arrival flights is also continuing to operate.

The airport is also warning travellers of possible long wait times on Tuesday because of the cancelled and rescheduled flights.


Because of the nationwide strike Monday, 20 June, TUI Fly diverted its flights away from Brussels Airport to nearby regional airports in Antwerp, Ostend and Liège. The airline announced they would provide busses to transfer passengers to and from the regional airports.


This weekend, 24-26 June, Ryanair pilots and cabin staff are striking. The strike comes as a result of pay and benefit cuts from the Covid-19 pandemic that are still in place now. Similar strikes are happening elsewhere in Europe, like Spain and France. Flight cancellations are expected.

Brussels Airlines

Similar to Ryanair, Brussels Airlines will strike for three days a day earlier, starting 23 June until 25 June. More than half of Brussels Airlines flights for these dates have been cancelled.


The British airline company, Easyjet, announced they will be cutting back on flights this summer due to worker shortages. The airline believes flights that will be cancelled will be rescheduled quickly and on the same day. Customers will be notified ahead of any changes.

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