New rules for e-scooters from 1 July

New rules for e-scooters from 1 July
Credit: Bolt

Increasing numbers of people feel unsafe on the roads due to e-scooters. Now, new regulations will enter into force on Friday 1 July, according to the Federal Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet.

The e-scooter is an increasingly popular transport option that boosts mobility, particularly for younger people. However, their use has also been linked to a rise in accidents and conflicts with pedestrians. 59 accidents were recorded in 2019; that number rose to 1,022 recorded cases in 2021.

What are the new rules?

Moving forward, there will be a minimum age of 16 to use the e-scooter to prevent children and teenagers from riding the vehicles.

Moreover, e-scooters will be banned from pavements. While they were previously tolerated at walking speed, those rules weren't followed, making a complete ban easier. However, people with reduced mobility will be allowed on their electric vehicles. In pedestrian zones, signs will indicate if e-scooters are allowed at walking place.

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To avoid disorderly parking, there will be designated parking for zones for e-scooters. Finally, it will no longer be permitted to ride in pairs.

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