Property prices higher in Brussels than anywhere else in Belgium

Property prices higher in Brussels than anywhere else in Belgium
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For those looking to become property owners in Belgium, Statbel has released their latest figures on property prices in the country.

Published on Friday, Statbel's figures offer various indications on the cost of houses and apartments across Belgium's three regions.

Key figures

The study shows that the average price of a house in Belgium has gone up in the first three months of 2022.

Statbel have divided property types into three categories: houses with 2 or 3 façades (closed off or semi-closed off), houses with 4 or more façades (open) and apartments.

A closed off or semi-closed off house in Belgium now costs, on average, €225,000. This is a 13% increase on 2021. 

The price of open houses now stands at €360,000, a 9% rise on last year.

The average apartment in Belgium is now worth €225,000, which indicates that the median price has gone up by 7% since 2021.

Regional differences

Statbel also aimed to find out which one Belgium's three regions was the least to most expensive.

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Wallonia remains the cheapest region to live in Belgium. Houses down south cost an average of €169,000 if they're closed off or semi-closed off, and €285,000 if they're open. To buy an apartment, a prospective owner would have to shell out €170,000.

Those attempting to purchase property in Flanders will see €280,000 buy them, on average, an house with 2 to 3 facades, where as open houses would cost them €395,000. Apartments? Well the median price for own up north is €230,000.

Brussels remains by far the most expensive region with houses costing €495,000 or €1,225,000 depending on their façades, with the price of an apartment in the capital averaging €249,000.

Living in the capital

Prices have gone up in the capital as closed off houses now cost 15% more than last year, the same as open houses. Apartment prices have also gone up but only by 5%.

The report also indicated the most 5 expensive municipalities to live in Brussels are Ixelles, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Uccle, Etterbeek and Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, in that order. With the cheapest being Anderlecht, Jette, the City of Brussels municipality, Evere and Molenbeek.

Additional information

In terms of provinces, the Flemish and Walloon Brabant were the most expensive. With the least expensive Flemish province being Limburg, and Hainaut in Wallonia.

Laethem-Saint-Martin near Ghent is the cheapest Flemish municipality to live in, with the Namur municipality of Hastière being the Walloon equivalent.

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