EU officially extends Covid Digital Certificate for another year

EU officially extends Covid Digital Certificate for another year
Credit: Belga

Two days before the regulation is set to expire, the European Union officially gave the green light to extend the legal framework for the EU Digital Covid Certificate for another year – until June 2023.

The Digital Covid Certificate – which proves that travellers are fully vaccinated, have recently tested negative for Covid-19 or recovered from an infection in the past six months – was adopted in June 2021 to facilitate free movement in the EU during the pandemic, for a limited period of 12 months.

With the extension, EU travellers as well as those coming from third countries using the Digital Covid system can continue to use their certificate for travel across EU Member States. If the health situation allows, the regulation can also be repealed earlier.

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The regulation also includes an obligation for the Commission to assess the need of repealing or maintaining the certificate at the end of the year.

The amended regulation, which was adopted on Tuesday 28 June, will officially enter into force on the day of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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