No shortage of drinking water, but 'use it wisely'

No shortage of drinking water, but 'use it wisely'
Credit: Belga

Although warm, dry weather has been predicted for the coming days, the drinking water supply in Flanders will remain guaranteed, the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM) announced in its latest “status indicator for the supply of tap water.

The indicator is based on the reports submitted by water supply companies on the availability of raw water (untreated water from rivers and canals), consumption figures and the status of the water supply to the VMM. It is then decided, in consultation, whether to impose temporary restrictions on water use, such as a ban on watering lawns and gardens.

Currently there are no restrictions. Nevertheless, the VMM warns that it is even more necessary than usual to be careful with drinking water. “Do not waste it, use it wisely,” said VMM spokesperson Katrien Smet.

Meanwhile, due to the high temperatures and limited precipitation in July, the discharge of navigable waterways is low and falling throughout Flanders. The discharge and water heights of various unnavigable waterways are also falling and the various ecological minimum discharges are not being achieved there.

On Monday, the Drought Advisory Group decided to maintain measures set by the Drought Commission in mid-July. In concrete terms, this means Code Orange is in effect, and there is a temporary ban on the extraction of water from all unnavigable waterways in Flanders.

There are also temporary extraction and recreation bans on various waterways due to blue-green algae. Little to no rain is expected in the coming days. As a result, water levels and discharges will fall further, according to the VMM.

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