Man arrested after 69 km car chase

Man arrested after 69 km car chase
Credit: Belga

A man has been arrested in the Flemish town of Waasmunster near the E17 motorway, after a 69 kilometre long car chase, that started on the E19 in the municipality of Hoogstraten.

On Thursday, a motorist driving on the E19 motorway, with a French number plate, drove away from police after they wanted to carry out a check on his vehicle.

What ensued was car chase, during which local police pursued the vehicle via Antwerp's ring road and all the way to Linkeroever, where the motorist elected to take the E17 motorway.

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The car eventually crashed into a barrier on the motorway near the East-Flemish town of Waasmunster.

"Fortunately, no other cars were involved in the crash," explains Jana Verdegem, a spokesperson for the Federal Police.

She added that "the driver attempted to run on foot for a short while, but was quickly apprehended."

The police are still looking into why the 25 year-old assailant sought to avoid the police check, and his car will be extensively investigated.

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