Tenth edition of Ronquières Festival deemed 'historic'

Tenth edition of Ronquières Festival deemed 'historic'
First day of the 'Ronquieres Festival' music festival, Friday 05 August 2022. Credit: Belga / Anthony Malagoli

The organisers of the Ronquières Festival, which closed on Sunday evening, have described the 2022 edition of their event as "historic".

For the 10th anniversary, the festival was held for the first time over three days, from 5 to 7 August. Set on three stages at the foot of the Sloping Lock of Ronquières, this year's edition broke a new record with more than 65,000 festival-goers, with 22,000 festival-goers each day.

The first two days were already sold out before the start of the festival, while only a few hundred tickets were available for Sunday.

The programme offered was eclectic and for all audiences, combining rap, electro, rock and French song with, among others, a concert by Julien Doré.

“We have had excellent feedback from our teams and from festival-goers regarding the three-day formula and, a priori, we would go back to this formula next year, i.e. on 4, 5 and 6 August”, said Gino Innocente, organiser of the event.

“However, we still need to take the time to analyse the 2021 festival. The three-day formula will also depend on the headliners that will be available in 2023.”

“We have already improved some points this year, especially in terms of mobility, which was a bit lacking around a car park on the first day, but we solved the problem very quickly and the departure of festival-goers was smooth.”

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