Aldi puts digital brochures on milk cartons

Aldi puts digital brochures on milk cartons
Credit: Belga.

In an attempt to improve their digital brochure, Aldi will place QR codes on their milk cartons, which will allow customers to consult said brochure.

Every week, the store delivers 4.4 million physical brochures to all Belgians, with printing and distribution costing them a fortune.

As a result, they have launched a digital brochure, which has yet to reach a significant number of reades.

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From today onwards, Aldi will place QR codes on the milk cartons of their own brand Milsa to encourage customers to read this digital pamphlet.

Why milk cartons? Isabel Henderick, managing director of marketing and communication at Aldi Belgium, has stated that they are one of their most popular items, and nearly one in every four litres of milk sold in Belgium comes from one of the 440 Aldi shops.

Henderick noted that if this endeavour is successful, the paper brochure would be gradually phased out but would never fully disappear.

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