STIB announces increased lines for start of school year

STIB announces increased lines for start of school year
Credit: Belga.

The frequency of several STIB lines will be increased on Monday 29 August, due to the earlier start of the new school year.

Brussels' public transport company STIB is adapting to the latest changes to the French-speaking school calendar.

Beginning 29 August, those taking the metro in Brussels will be able to get on one every ten minutes in the evening and morning, every five minutes throughout the day in the city centre, and every 15 minutes on weekends.

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For those travelling by bus, the waiting time between two 71 buses – the busiest line – will be shortened, with a bus arriving every four minutes rather than five during peak hours.

Furthermore, the frequency of bus routes 20, 60, and 79 will also be increased during rush hour.

STIB also intends to expand the number of buses operating during the autumn half-term, which is now a week longer than previously.

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