EU to announce energy saving plan but delays Belgium's price cap proposal

EU to announce energy saving plan but delays Belgium's price cap proposal
Credit: Belga.

The European Commission is unveiling its latest plan to combat the energy crisis by ordering its member states to reduce their electricity consumption by 10%, but for now, has chosen not to include Belgium's proposal to put a price cap on all gas imports.

According to the Flemish newspaper De Standaard, the European Commission is planning a whole raft of measures to combat the current energy crisis that has engulfed the continent.

The Commission's plan is for all 27 member states to reduce by 10% all of their electricity consumption after having previously agreed to also limit their gas consumption by 15% this winter.

Furthermore, as previously announced by the Commission's President Ursula von der Leyen, the regulation will also contain a price cap for energy companies that produce cheap electricity from renewable energies. 

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However, what has not been added to the proposal is the introduction of a price cap for all forms of gas, as proposed by group of member states that included Belgium.

According to De Standaard, von der Leyen and her collaborators do not have the necessary timeframe to introduce such a measure, but plans to implement at a later date will be discussed.

In addition, the energy ministers of all 27 EU Member States will meet again at an Extraordinary Energy Council on 30 September, according to Czech Minister Jozel Sikela, whose nation is now presiding over the European Council.

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